Herb Seed Variety Information

Lemon Balm

(Melissa officinalis)

Balm has been highly regarded amongst herbs for many centuries. The fragrant leaves when dried are an excellent addition to potpourri blend. Balm when planted near vegetables increases their flavour and resistance to disease. Bees are very attracted to the Balm blossoms. Balm leaves also enhance the flavour of cooked, buttered vegetables. For an old and tried pick-me-up, add a little fresh or dried Balm to a pot of Indian tea.

Used for:


Plant Type:


Growing Environment:

Sow Indoors or Outdoors

Germination time:

16 – 21 Days

Seed to Flower:

10 weeks

Plant Size (Approx cm):

50 (H)


30 (W)
Lemon Balm