Herb Seed Variety Information


(Origanum majorana)

Marjoram grows up to 45cm and produces tiny, fluffy, pearly flowers in Summer and Autumn. Honey bees swarm around marjoram when in flower.

Its culinary uses produce subtle flavours, and when mixed with sage, thyme forms the essential blend of mixed herbs. Try a few fresh, chopped or whole leaves scattered over buttered vegetables… it’s delicious!

In modern herbal medicine, marjoram infused in hot water and sipped is excellent for headaches and induces sleep. Fresh or dried marjoram leaves can be tied into a bag and added to bath water. The dried leaves make a soothing and fragrant addition to a potpourri and to sleep pillows.

Used for:


Plant Type:


Growing Environment:

Sow Indoors or Outdoors

Germination time:

14 – 20 Days

Seed to Flower:

10 weeks

Plant Size (Approx cm):

45 (H)


30 (W)