Flower Seed Variety Information


(Petunia nana compacta)

Petunias grow well on a wide range of soil types, from light to heavy. They are excellent for mass bedding, and borders and can also be expanded. Seed can be sown in Spring and continued through to mid-summer. Petunia seeds are tiny, and extra care should be taken in raising the seedlings. Like many small seeds, petunias need light and relatively warm conditions to germinate. Petunias need little attention when established apart from occasional watering if the soil becomes dry. After the first flush of flowers, plants can be cut back for a second bloom in late Summer or early Autumn.



Plant Type:


Growing Environment:

Plant in Seed Raising Mixture

Germination time:

10 – 20 Days

Seed to Flower:

12 weeks

Plant Size (Approx cm):

30 (H)


20 (W)