Our Products

Eco-friendly promotional products for your organisation

Seedsticks® products provide many innovative ways to plant and grow seeds. Our promotional products allow organisations to engage with their consumers uniquely and distinctively. All of our products are proudly Australian-made and distributed globally, using biodegradable glues, soy—and vegetable-based inks, and recycled boards. We are an award-winning, eco-friendly company with many possible marketing solutions.

Seedsticks are a sustainable and eco-friendly promotional product that feature biodegradable paper sticks embedded with seeds for easy planting and growing.

Seed Kits packs have been specifically designed to ‘germinate’ and ‘grow’ seeds inside the clam pack and convey a number of environmental or growing messages to any market.

Seedsticks Seed Packs are custom printed, folded and glued to contain a large range of loose seed. Email us if there is a seed variety we have not listed and we will look into it for you.

Seed paper is 100% biodegradable made from recycled paper with embedded seeds. All our paper is custom made to your specifications and art requirements.

Plant Varieties