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Seed Kit Products

Seed Kits offer a hassle-free solution, providing everything needed to grow flowers, herbs, natives, and vegetables in a branded, compact package.

They provide an innovative and sustainable way to promote your brand, company or organisation and encourage a love of plants and nature.

All Seed Kits include Seed Sticks pack, pot and pellet. We also offer an option to use a foil packet of loose seeds, which extends the number of seed varieties that can be grown in our Seed Kits.

Make your brand, company or organisation memorable with Seed Kits. Marketing worth growing.

Seed Kits are available with a wide range of Herb, Vegetable, Flower and Australian Native seed varieties.

Please note that Western Australia and Tasmania have restrictions on some seed varieties. Contact us for more information.

Seedsticks Biopot


The cornstarch minipot is made using biodegradable material that breaks down when composted. The compressed pellet and 5 seeded sticks are contained within the minipot inside its own printed box. It is a perfect little gift.

Product code - SS5BPT
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Seedsticks - Ecopot


The cornstarch minipot is made with biodegradable material that breaks down when composted. The compressed pellet and 3 seeded sticks are contained within the minipot and held in place by a simple custom printed wrap.

Product code - SS3EPT
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Seedsticks - Grow Box


Seedsticks® has put together the Grow Box to get those little green thumbs going. Everything you need to grow a pre-selected group of Herbs, Flowers, Vegetables or Australian Natives. We can pack up to 5 pots in the box as shown but pricing will vary depending on your budget and the number of components required.

Product codes - SS5GBX3 and SS5GBX5
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Seedsticks - Growpot


Our smallest pot product to meet the budget when needed, the pot and pellet allow the seeds to germinate and grow it's roots right through the sides of the pellet and pot.

Product code - SS3GPT
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Square Pot


We went small for budget now larger for impact. Introducing a large square pot and expandable pellet for growing plants for longer in the pot or growing larger seed varieties.

Product code - SS5SQU
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Image not currently available


Using the pots from the Growbox we are offering these larger pots with the single wrap design. More room for print than our smaller friend the Growpot and all the features of the Squarepot.

Product code - SS5RND
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The Seed Kits packaging includes full-colour print on the outside to promote your brand, organisation and message. Typically, the inside of the pack is black print and displays the growing instructions, common name, botanical name and expected germination time of the seeds.

Minimum order quantities, print and pack sizes vary depending on the product selected. Please contact for more information.

At Seedsticks®, we take pride in our manufacturing process. All orders are meticulously crafted in Australia, using seeds sourced from our reliable and reputable Australian seed suppliers. Our printer, an Australian-owned company, ensures quality water-based print, following best practice management. This commitment to excellence is what makes our customers’ finished products look great.

We offer different board stocks depending on the price and the finish you are looking for.

All products are custom-made to meet delivery times and destinations set by our customers.

Contact us to discuss how we can help make your promotion a success. Marketing worth growing.

Seed Stick Products and Codes

If you wish to have the Ecopot or Biopot branded with a logo or message we can organise this for you, please ask us for a quote and time frame to add this to your order.