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Seed Sticks are not just products but a statement of your commitment to the environment.

By choosing Seedsticks®, you are promoting your brand and contributing to a greener, more sustainable world, a cause we can all be proud of. 

They are an innovative method of planting seeds that encourages a love of plants and nature.

The standard packs are the five and ten-stick packs; however, we also supply custom shapes to suit your marketing goals and brand. Seed Sticks are also available in other innovative styles, including bookmarks, greeting cards, and postcards.

Make your brand, company or organisation memorable with Seed Sticks. Marketing worth growing.

Seed Sticks are available with a wide range of Herb, Vegetable, Flower and Australian Native seed varieties.

Please note that Western Australia and Tasmania have restrictions on some seed varieties. Contact us for more information.

Seedsticks 5 stick pack

5 Stick Pack

The Seed Sticks 5 stick pack is our most popular, mainly due to its size and value for money.

This product is available in custom shapes.

Product code - SS5
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Seedsticks 10 seed pack

10 Stick Pack

Our Seed Sticks 10 stick pack has the option of full colour print to the outer and inner packaging and choice of seed variety from our website.

This product is available in custom shapes.

Product code - SS10
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Seedsticks Postcard

Seed Sticks Postcard

Our Postcard pack is essentially a DL size card with 3 seeded sticks stapled inside a detachable folded flap. Ideal for mailer with large printable area front and back.

Product code - SS3PC
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Seedsticks Greeting card

Seed Sticks Greeting Card

Seed Sticks Greeting Cards are a great way to communicate a variety of messages from seasonal greetings to special events due to the size of it's printable area.

Product code - SS10GC
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Seedsticks Bookmark

Seed Sticks Bookmark

The Seed Sticks Bookmark pack has a tear away edge that allows you to separate your sticks for planting and keep the bookmark for marking your page.

Product code - SS5BMK
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Seedsticks Display Boxes

Seed Sticks Display Boxes

Custom printing each order we process adds a significant cost to the finished product on smaller quantities. We have printed these packs so we can offer a lower price on a generic design.

Product code - SS10DIS
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Seed Sticks House Shape

5 and 10 Stick House

The Seed Sticks House shape is available in both 5 and 10 stick packs. They are ideal for promoting real estate agencies, home insurance promotions and community houses.
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Seed Sticks Wheelie Bin Shape

5 Stick Wheelie Bin

The Wheelie Bin pack shows just how complex the shape can be with a little imagination. Ideal for waste management and council awareness programmes.
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5 Sticks Waterdrop

Another shaped product that demonstrates what can be done, our Water Drop shape was designed to highlight water conservation.
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Explore Plant Types

The Seed Sticks packaging includes full-colour print on the outside to promote your brand, organisation and message. Typically, the inside of the pack is black print and displays the growing instructions, common name, botanical name and expected germination time of the seeds.

Minimum order quantities, print and pack sizes vary depending on the product selected. Please contact for more information.

At Seedsticks®, we take pride in our manufacturing process. All orders are meticulously crafted in Australia, using seeds sourced from our reliable and reputable Australian seed suppliers. Our printer, an Australian-owned company, ensures quality water-based print, following best practice management. This commitment to excellence is what makes our customers’ finished products look great.

We offer different board stocks depending on the price and the finish you are looking for.

All products are custom-made to meet delivery times and destinations set by our customers.

Contact us to discuss how we can help make your promotion a success. Marketing worth growing.

Seed Stick Products and Codes

There are many custom shaped packs featured on our website. Talk to us if there is an alternate shape that you think could work for you.