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Using the pots from the Growbox we are offering these larger pots with the single wrap design. More room for print than our smaller friend the Growpot and all the features of the Squarepot. Option is yours to have Sticks or Foils as a component in the pot with the pellet. As the seeds germinate and your plants grow the roots will grow right through the sides of the pellet and pot. When ready the whole thing can be planted out into the open ground or larger pot, with no stress or root disturbance to the young plant.

Each order has the option of full colour print to the outer and inner packaging and choice of seed variety from our website. Growing instructions, common name, botanical name and expected germination time of seeds appear on all our products. All our printing uses soy and vegetable based inks on 100% recycled board with a standard gloss finish.

Product code – SS5RND